Our charter ?
Built in quality !

AMW Business is driven by exceeding customers quality expectations and complying with all applicable laws and regulations to technical safety compliance.


Encourage sharing and implementing new ideas
Continuously improve processes and performances


Eliminate waste in working process
Create comfortable working conditions


Anticipate deviation in process and take actions up front
Implement Poka-Yoke solutions to remove opportunity for errors


Think safe, act safe, be safe


Achieve on time delivery to order and to commit


Full control and management of hazardous wastes and disposals

100% solder paste inspection
for a better quality
Operator using an Automatic Optical
Inspection (AOI) to control the PCBA
after SMT placement.

our services

IPC-A-610 member and
trainer certified.
Provide agility and responsiveness to implement and manage any required new industry standards.
Embed quality into each product we manufacture.
Guarantee defect free products to our customers.

“AMW produces high quality
products, and our employees work
the AMW way :
Work as a team”

Mr Yannick Ugoletti
Quality Director

our dna

100% of offices and manufacturing floor temperature controlled
Transportation network to reduce risks of accidents
24 Hours air conditioned cantine serving ready cooked meals
100% of our employees accepted to move from the previous factory to the new site
We celebrate regularly the majors events of the company
Returning to society
what society is
giving to us
The canteen
AMW factory

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Bangkok site

Our site in Bangkok

we do

Respect local traditions and beliefs.
Help our associates grow.
Make the work environment a second home for employees.
Give a career path to our local performers.
Help the community to save energy.
Optimise recycling processes.
Sponsoring and supporting Klong Krathum Ratuthit School in Samut Prakarn province of Thailand.
Sponsoring and supporting Klong Krathum Ratuthit School in Samut Prakarn province of Thailand.

The school was founded in 1980. AMW helped in :

- Built the school auditorium
- Supplying computers
- Renovating and maintaining the building

School student

Our values to serve you :
Commitment / Progress
Collective intelligence

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