About US

Our History

AMW GROUP was founded in 1999 by Hervé Mouly (CEO & Founder) in Bangkok (Thailand) as Asia Magnetic Winding company, followed by the acquisition of  Acime Technology in 2013 and Radio-Energie in 2017

Our Achievements

Our high level of expertise in Magnetics and Electronic Manufacturing Services provides growth perspectives to our current customers. Thanks to this success,  we are moving forward by increasing our manufacturing capacity with a 10 000 sqm plant.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop our company through Power Electronic Manufacturing Services. We want to contribute to the next disruptive technology : Power Storage. 

About numbers

Active References
1 600 000
Product Delivered /Y
Shipments / Y
6 500
Footprint Sqm


Electronic Manufacturing Services

Thailand – New manufacturing site

In 2019, AMW will start the construction of its new 10 000 m² manufacturing site

2 000 m² for the Electronic Manufacturing Services (Clean Room class 100K, Temp./Hum./ESD  Control)

1 700 m² for the Magnetics Aera (Temp. control)

1 300 m² Wharehouse (360m² with Temp/Hum/ESD Control)